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Mistakes When Entering the Job Market


When entering the job market, residents and fellows commonly make the mistake of not considering a few factors that have a tremendous impact on the career goals they hope to achieve. Too often, we see residents making the mistake of taking the first job presented, being too picky about their opportunities, waiting until the last minute or not considering the financial stability to the places they apply to.

Mistake #1: Taking the first job presented

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Preparing for an Onsite Interview


How do you Prepare for your Onsite Interview?

You don’t have a second chance to make a first impression, you cannot make a good decision without all of the facts, and you cannot accept an offer unless one is offered to you.

Whether you receive an offer or not may depend on how prepared you are and what type of vibes you give off in the interview.  What’s the most common reason a physician candidate doesn’t get an offer?

On the plane or car ride to the interview, it is common for physicians to ask themselves:

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"I'm Almost Done With My Training-Now What?"

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Now the fun begins: finding ways to get your CV out to hospitals and practices all over the country. There are LOTS of opportunities, so before giving your CV to anyone, examine what your ideal practice would be.

An indecisive answer can cause employers to question whether you are serious about their position and if it will be worth the cost for a visit. You will be bombarded with opportunities, so knowing your search criteria up front helps you limit them to a managable number.

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First-Person Perspective: MDs Explain Why They Chose the Non-Clinical Path

First Person Perspective

If you’ve considered a non-clinical career or you are trying to learn more about what you could do in a non-clinical career, it’s nice to read stories about what other doctors have done. When I coach and mentor other doctors, I tell them they can literally do anything in their careers. Sometimes the best physician leaders serve as clinicians but also have other career experiences. These things can be done at various points in your lifetime. There are opportunities in finance, business, sales, consulting, policy, research, communications and as entrepreneurs (and more). It helps to read about what other people have done to be inspired to consider what a nonclinical opportunity might mean for you. Although I am a doctor who has done something non-clinical, I wanted to share stories from other doctors who also found success on the non-clinical path.

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The New Year Is A Time For Reflection

Make Time for Reflection

Mr. Sherlock Holmes had a way of solving difficult puzzles.  His methods give us a glimpse into the power of mindfulness and reflection. Recent research shows that in as little as 15 minutes a day, we can create impressive changes in how we think and feel.  This can lead to a happier outlook and an increase in productivity in our work.  Even memory is improved.

New Year/New You!

The New Year is a good time for reflection and mindfulness.  Take ten or fifteen minutes today and ask yourself these questions to get you started in a habit of refection and mindfulness.

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Military Medical Scholarship Program: A Smart Way to Avoid Debt

As a soon-to-be-graduating resident, I’m currently knee-deep in the unknowns and uncertainties of beginning my career in rehabilitation medicine. But, as a Health Professions Scholarship recipient courtesy of the US NAVY, I certainly have one less thing to worry about — repaying medical school loan debt.

After chatting with my fellow non-military residents about post-graduation financial obligations, I realized that, as well as being proud that I served my country, I am also extremely fortunate to NOT have an insane amount of educational loan debt to repay. For the benefit of those of you who may be considering the military medical scholarship program to offset the ever-increasing cost of medical education, I want to share my experience.

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