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Michelle Mudge-Riley, DO, MHA is the Founder of Physicians Helping Physicians ( She was recently called the Doctor’s Doctor in a 2010 book because of her work helping physicians. Dr. Mudge-Riley received her medical degree from Des Moines University Osteopathic Medical School and her Masters Degree in Health Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University.

You’re ready to be a Doctor. But are you prepared for your career?

Medical Diagnosis

On our paths to becoming doctors, we learn in-depth details about many things: the Krebs cycle, how many bones are in the human foot and how to tell the difference between bronchitis and emphysema. But we get very little in the way of learning how to prepare for a career.

There’s no instruction in medical school about how to create a 3-5 year career timeline, how to find and use the best tools to get the right job or how to manage our own personal wellness so we can avoid career burnout.

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First-Person Perspective: MDs Explain Why They Chose the Non-Clinical Path

First Person Perspective

If you’ve considered a non-clinical career or you are trying to learn more about what you could do in a non-clinical career, it’s nice to read stories about what other doctors have done. When I coach and mentor other doctors, I tell them they can literally do anything in their careers. Sometimes the best physician leaders serve as clinicians but also have other career experiences. These things can be done at various points in your lifetime. There are opportunities in finance, business, sales, consulting, policy, research, communications and as entrepreneurs (and more). It helps to read about what other people have done to be inspired to consider what a nonclinical opportunity might mean for you. Although I am a doctor who has done something non-clinical, I wanted to share stories from other doctors who also found success on the non-clinical path.

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The Best Way To Find And Choose A Good Career Coach?

Are You A Physician Who Needs Help With Your Non-clinical Career Search?  

Have you been thinking about transitioning for a while and are you considering hiring a coach to help you?

Here’s some advice for choosing the right person to help you.

Know who’s giving the advice: Make sure the person you’re hiring is the actual person doing the coaching rather than a salesperson who has staff doing the actual coaching.   By the same token, stay away from resume mills that have staff do all the client work.

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The New Year Is A Time For Reflection

Make Time for Reflection

Mr. Sherlock Holmes had a way of solving difficult puzzles.  His methods give us a glimpse into the power of mindfulness and reflection. Recent research shows that in as little as 15 minutes a day, we can create impressive changes in how we think and feel.  This can lead to a happier outlook and an increase in productivity in our work.  Even memory is improved.

New Year/New You!

The New Year is a good time for reflection and mindfulness.  Take ten or fifteen minutes today and ask yourself these questions to get you started in a habit of refection and mindfulness.

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Crafting Your Elevator Pitch As A Physician

Crafting Your Elevator Pitch As A Physician

What is an elevator pitch?

There are many explanations, but essentially it’s about “selling” yourself by describing who you are and why someone else should care – in 30 seconds or less.  Interestingly, the term is taken from the early days of Internet explosion when web development needed venture capital.  The best companies were those that could explain a business proposition to the occupants of an elevator in the time it took them to ride to their floor.

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"Why Is My Physician So Angry?"

“Why Is My Physician So Angry?”

I’ve been working with physicians for the past eight years on career diversification, satisfaction and mitigation of stress and burnout and can relate some common themes on why physicians are angry.

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