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Holly Higgins is a freelance writer. She enjoys working with the Adventures in Medicine team and industry experts to create educational materials for residents, fellows and practicing physicians.

4 Surprising Physician Employment Trends – Where Do You Stand?

“How do I compare to other residents and new physicians?” is probably the question we’re asked most often at Adventures in Medicine. Many residents feel “in the dark” when it comes to knowing how they stack up against their peers. This is especially true when it comes to physician employment, physician compensation and work-life balance expectations.

Knowing where you stand among your peers doesn’t just give you a sense of comfort — it helps you make better decisions and understand the value you bring to your employer.

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Physician Work-Life Balance: Is Anxiety Sabotaging Your Goals?

Because of high achievement standards and perfectionist tendencies, most med students, residents and physicians struggle with maintaining physician work-life balance. It’s stereotypical, yes, but more often than not, those in the medical field are detail-obsessed, hardworking (often to a fault) and insistent on having it all: a great job, a happy family and a balanced, fulfilling life.

While all of this is possible to achieve, there’s one pesky thing that often gets in the way of success and enjoyment.

What is it? Anxiety.

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Physician CV: Study Shows Many Lie About Accomplishments

Reuters Health recently published an eye-opening article by Kerry Grens detailing two new studies about the accuracy of residents’ CVs. The findings? Many residents lie (or grossly embellish) on their physician CVs.

One study was led by Dr. Michael Frumovitz of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, and the other was led by Dr. Anne-Marie Amies Oelschlager at the University of Washington.

You can read the full article here, but below is a quick rundown of the findings:

1) As quoted in the article, Dr. Frumovitz’s team collected “258 applications to a fellowship program at MD Anderson in gynecologic oncology from 2004 to 2008.”

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Tips for a Successful Physician Phone Interview

A physician phone interview seems much less intimidating than an in-person interview. If your palms are sweaty, you don’t have to worry about shaking hands. Dressing up isn’t necessary, and you don’t have to worry about maintaining eye contact.

However, many people make the mistake of not taking the physician phone interview seriously enough. Aside from an email or an introduction at a job fair, the phone interview is the first opportunity you’ll have to make a direct impression with a potential employer.

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Negotiating a Physician Employment Contract: 5 Must-Know Tips

Many new doctors are hesitant about negotiating physician employment contracts. Negotiating can be very intimidating, especially when there’s a huge opportunity on the table and you don’t want to blow your chances.

On the other hand, in order to be happy with a position, you need to be compensated in ways that you think are fair — this includes salary, benefits, time off, scheduling, etc.

Of course, there’s a balance between asking for what you want and knowing what’s reasonable to ask for.

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Physician Career: Is Rural Practice Right for You?

According to the American Medical Association, only 10% of physicians practice in rural areas. Of those 10%, about 27% are older than 55 and on their way to retirement. The entire nation is experiencing the impact of physician shortages, but rural areas are feeling the pinch even more.

If you’re still considering your physician career path, it’s worth it to give rural practice more consideration. “Rural practice” sounds like a curse, though, doesn’t it? If your mind is dancing with images of cornfields, dilapidated old porches and scenes from Deliverance, you’re not alone — there’s a stigma that comes with rural areas, which is why so many physicians write off the idea of small-town practice altogether.

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