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Career Tracker

Stay organized during your journey with "My Career Tracker". This intuitive tool helps you set milestones and stay on track as you work to secure the right opportunity. It provides multiple resources, worksheets and tips to make your job search easier.



The Guide

Adventures in Medicine is a 200-page manual filled with the most relevant information and current data on the business of medicine. This revolutionary tool was written to help graduating residents find the job that matches their personal values.


Resident Library

Our Resident Resource Library is packed with interactive tools and information to help you uncover a purpose-driven career and life. Organize your journey and ease your stress by registering to access our personal career trackers,
financial planning tools, worksheets
and much more.



Our Blog

"The Dose with Dr. Goodhook" brings residents and industry experts together in a collaborative, lively setting. Follow the stories of resident bloggers, catch up on the latest topics in healthcare or submit a question to the cantankerous Dr. Goodhook. New posts every week keep the conversation fresh.